Frequently Asked Questions

Anything that needs organized from spaces to things.  Book a consultation so we can analyze and determine your needs.  if you have a simple question and just want to ask if we can organize something, click the “contact me” button below and send us a message.

For series inquires.  I value your time, as well as mine.  As a potential client, the consultation is a part of the organizing process as a detailed analysis of your space.  The $60 consultation deposit is nonrefundable and due immediately at the conclusion of the consultation.

Packaged sessions and virtual sessions are paid-in-full prior to services rendered.  For hourly services, 50% of agreed upon rate is due to schedule services.  Final payment will be due at the conclusion of services.  

Shopping for material and furniture to organize your space is an additional service.  Although I will provide you with a list of materials that you will need to make your space more efficient and functional for you, if you want me to go get the items, there will be an additional charge.

Although a cleaner may come in and put away items that you already have, as a Professional Organizer, we will actually work with you to go through all of your items and determine your needs, wants, and emotional value to things.  This will determine what is kept, what will be stored, what will be removed, and how things will be organized to make your space more functional and efficient for you.

You do not.  However, there are projects that will require you to go through your belongings to determine your emotional value and/or need for items.  You will need to be present for that if this is not taken care of prior to.

Depending on the need, we are willing to travel within reason.  Applicable traveling expenses will be charged at cost for any work done outside of a 30 mile radius of Abilene, TX.  We do offer virtual services and can assist remotely.  Click the “contact me” button below  so we can determine how we can help you.

Yes, your $60 nonrefundable consultation deposit will be applied toward services in conjunction with a signed contract. Estimate expires after 72 hours.

Yes, material/supply will need to be paid/provided upfront so that we can do our job effectively.  We will do our best to repurpose what you already have and provide you with an estimate of what else is needed ahead of time.  However, if any additional material/supply is required during service, we will work with you for approval.

I am a Certified Professional Organizer, so I will leave that to you to determine.  I will do light cleaning as I reorganize your items.  However, if your place needs extensive cleaning in order for me to do my job effectively, I do have a Professional Cleaner on my team that can be estimated in to your overall cost.

This is a judgment free zone.  Life happens!  We spend all day doing for others, that by the time we get home, we want to relax and piles happen because we tell ourselves “we will get to it later”.  We totally get that and are here to help!  

As this business grows, so will the questions.  We will continue to add to this page, however if you do not find what you are looking for, click the “contact me” button below to send us a direct inquiry and we will do our best to provide a response within 24-48 hours.